Autumn Leaves residents reach out to Center of Hope

The White Rock community at Autumn Leaves is full of residents and staff who care, support and love others. That’s why Jeannine Verinder, president of the resident council, and Doris Henderson, chairman of the same group, were able to bring their idea to life.

The ladies created a Donation Drive to benefit the White Rock Center of Hope. On June 6, the private dining room was full of excitement as residents, staff and visitors of Autumn Leaves dropped off donations, including canned goods, clothing, furniture, appliances and more. Throughout the day, the piles got higher as the residents continued to pick up and deliver from others who were unable to deliver themselves.

The teamwork during the drive was apparent and showed a true reflection of the original message of love, support and care of the residents and team members at Autumn Leaves.

— Story and photo by

Ally Beach

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