Casa Linda prepares for Pupusa Day

Photo courtesy of Casa Linda Salvadorian

National Pupusa Day, on Nov. 10, is an El Salvadoran holiday celebrating the pupusa, a tortilla-like flatbread filled with beans, meat and other deliciousness. It is now the national dish of El Salvador — a far cry from its humble beginnings as a staple in the diet of early Indian tribes. Pupusas have a long and debated history. As of this day, according to National Today, both Honduras and El Salvador claim to be the birthplace of this delicious treat (although it’s more accepted as being El Salvador), with evidence showing that humans have been making pupusas since at least 2000 years ago, if not longer. East Dallas favorite Casa Linda Salvadorian is celebrating National Pupusa Day with specials all day. The restaurant is located in Whiterock Marketplace at 11255 Garland Rd., Suite 1330 in Dallas. — Nancy Black