Hard not to like Easy Slider’s creativity

By Sara Newberry Sliders, in and of themselves, are not something I normally seek out. I like a burger (OK, I love a burger), but part of the burger experience I enjoy is the meal-on-bread aspect of it. Sliders are great at a cocktail party or as part of a larger multi-food experience (like a […]

Audiences will die laughing during ‘Deadpool 2’

By Chic DiCiccio During the pre-opening credits sequence of “Deadpool 2,” Deadpool/Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) travels the world and kills dozens of people in highly graphic, yet interesting ways. This is set to an extremely popular 1980s hit song that now seems as if it was written specifically for this moment. It’s also the moment […]

McCarthy’s ‘Life of the Party’ dies on the screen

McCarthy’s ‘Life of the Party’ dies on the screen

By Chic DiCiccio Here’s a non-gender specific movie premise: Divorced, middle aged, college dropout decides to finish college with their about to graduate daughter. Hijinks ensue. No, it doesn’t star Adam Sandler. This is, in fact, another horrendous Melissa McCarthy comedy vehicle with an equally horrendous title, “Life of the Party.” It’s the third clunker […]

Movies and meatballs? Vetted Well says, ‘Yes!’

By Sara Newberry Alamo Drafthouse started in Austin in 1997 and has since expanded to 29 locations nationwide. The first Dallas-Fort Worth theatre opened in 2013, in Richardson, fo llowed by The Cedars in 2016 and now, Lake Highlands. The movie-going experience is the best I’ve had; they are serious about the no talking/texting rule, […]

‘Avengers: Infinity Wars’ action filmmaking at its best

By Chic DiCiccio Have you ever worried that Captain America won’t survive to see the end credits in the movie named after him? Do you think Spider Man really isn’t going to be okay? Of course not. These are unspoken agreements that Marvel Studios has made with us for the last 10 years. We don’t […]

Silly ‘Super Troopers 2’ offensive without offending

By Chic DiCiccio Do you remember “Caddyshack 2” or are you actively trying to forget that it exists? That’s what happens when comedy sequels go bad. A movie studio wants to cash in on the good ol’ days and tries to force a homogenized piece of garbage down the movie going public’s collective throat. Some […]

Johnson and friends go on violent but silly ‘Rampage’

Johnson and friends go on violent but silly ‘Rampage’

By Chic DiCiccio While making their press tour rounds, the cast of “Rampage” mentioned that they felt ridiculous acting against a green screen that would eventually become a giant albino gorilla. If that’s the case, it’s tough to fathom how they were able to spout out some truly insane dialogue. The urge to burst out […]

Monterrey’s great food stops traffic

By Sara Newberry It’s not a challenge to find a Mexican restaurant in the neighborhood, and it seems like I’ve visited all of them at least once. But I realized recently that I hadn’t tried the newer Monterrey on Garland Road. I visited the Monterrey on Greenville Avenue several years ago and, while it was […]

‘A Quiet Place’ must be experienced to be believed

By Chic DiCiccio “A Quiet Place” may be one of the best movies about the ups and downs of parenting ever. Of course, the ups include living to see another day and the downs involve a potential ghastly death. This thriller/horror film is a giant metaphor designed to prey on every nerve in the body […]

Pie Tap creates solid foundation with crust

Pie Tap creates solid foundation with crust

When Mellow Mushroom opened on Henderson, my firm opinion was that the last thing that stretch of road needed was another pizza place. That was, of course, before Pie Tap opened its doors. Mellow Mushroom closed in the summer of 2016, after less than a year. Pie Tap will be around for the duration. Pie […]