Hard to swallow

By Nancy Black It was a really tragic Sunday in March for me. That led to a really bad Monday, which eventually sent me into arterial fibrillation — AFib. It’s a condition that makes your heart race like you’re running a marathon. It’s a common problem among “adults my age.” Boy, I am really getting […]

Memories of year one, day one

By Nancy Black I thought it would be fun to revisit the past as I ponder the future. White Rock Lake Weekly is going into our 11th year serving the community.  My, how time flies!  My children were so much smaller, and I was so much younger. I decided to dig out my very first […]

The last picture of Stanley

By Nancy Black My dear friend was sobbing. She’d been purging her house this past weekend and it had stirred up a lot of emotion. Boxes had piled up, furniture got moved from one room to another, and her home was now a disaster area of clutter. But that is not what bothered her the […]

Good-bye, old friends

By Nancy Black They have no idea who they are or were. Nor do they care. No. My children aren’t callous or rude. They were just born during a different time in history. I, on the otherhood, do know who Doris Day, Tim Conway and Peggy Lipton are/were. And I feel blessed to have experienced […]

Hear ye! Hear ye!

By Nancy Black Even though I didn’t want to get picked, I was still disappointed when I was dismissed for the day. My juror number was 2705, and the courts were already full of potential panels by number 1180. Darnit. My inner “Law & Order” and “Forensic Files” fan was truly let down. I did […]

This life is not a dress rehearsal!

By Nancy Black I thought it was about acting. My sister gave me a beautiful plaque one Christmas more than 20 years ago. I was just back from Hollywood at the time, so I thought the phrase on the pink ceramic artwork — “This life is not a dress rehearsal” — was a reference to […]

My child, my hero!

By Nancy Black My oldest brother died Sunday night, but not before my youngest child and I were in a horrific automobile accident earlier that afternoon. I had just left my brother’s hospice in Allen and picked my teenager up from a worship service in Plano. We headed south down 75, to 635 east. It […]

’Till death do us part

By Nancy Black My oldest brother Randy had a massive stroke while sitting in his barber’s chair on a Tuesday morning. The doctors said there was a 97 percent mortality rate for his type of stroke. That meant he had a three percent chance of surviving. That was three years ago this month. My brother […]

No up, up and away

By Nancy Black What’s up (get it?) with the helium shortage? I stopped by a local party store this past week and was shocked to learn they were out of helium. What? How can a party store be out of helium? I had to found out. Turns out, helium is used for a lot more […]