Suicide Prevention Squad

Suicide Prevention Squad

By Nancy Black My best friend killed herself when she was 44. She hung herself in her bedroom closet while her 10-year-old son was in the living room. Her own mother had killed herself 27 years earlier. She went out, bought a gun and shot herself in the family’s garage. She left her will on […]

Teach your children well

By Nancy Black Sometimes, it is fun to be an adult. “Sometimes” is the key word in that sentence. But when you get to teach a child an important life lesson, it feels really powerful and good to be old. I was driving home recently down a street lined with apartments when two young boys, […]

‘You are looking live … at my checkbook.’

By David Mullen With the airwaves about to be inundated with college and professional football, the talking heads and stuffed shirts will become highly visible on the small screen. Let’s take a look at what announcers make annually. While many are known for their work in football, some like Bob Costas, Jim Nance, Joe Buck […]

Chill out!

By Nancy Black No. This editorial is not about the weather. It is mighty darn hot here in Texas currently, but just give it a minute. Or a few days. OK, maybe a few weeks. The weather will change. Plus, I lived through the year 1980 in Dallas, when we had that record heat wave […]

Why not me?

By Nancy Black Yikes! Dallas Animal Services is over capacity! Hundreds of dogs and cats are facing death if they aren’t adopted ASAP! It’s a good thing we don’t have a law in this country allowing humans to be euthanized due to overcrowding. Because more than 6,000 children in Texas are waiting to be adopted, […]

Juul of Denial

By Nancy Black “You’ve come a long way, baby!” I was just a wee child of 15 when I embraced that famous cigarette advertising campaign for Virginia Slims. I was young, invincible and could do anything I wanted in life. Those ads told me so. They showed the women of olden days, hunched over wash […]

Encore, Oncor!

Encore, Oncor!

By Nancy Black Actually, no. I do NOT want Oncor to do another performance like they did two weeks ago. But, wow, what a performance they gave! I was preparing to vacuum when the Super Sunday Storm hit Dallas. Just as I was reaching with the cord to the electrical socket, the lights went out. […]

Hard to swallow

By Nancy Black It was a really tragic Sunday in March for me. That led to a really bad Monday, which eventually sent me into arterial fibrillation — AFib. It’s a condition that makes your heart race like you’re running a marathon. It’s a common problem among “adults my age.” Boy, I am really getting […]

Memories of year one, day one

By Nancy Black I thought it would be fun to revisit the past as I ponder the future. White Rock Lake Weekly is going into our 11th year serving the community.  My, how time flies!  My children were so much smaller, and I was so much younger. I decided to dig out my very first […]

The last picture of Stanley

By Nancy Black My dear friend was sobbing. She’d been purging her house this past weekend and it had stirred up a lot of emotion. Boxes had piled up, furniture got moved from one room to another, and her home was now a disaster area of clutter. But that is not what bothered her the […]