City teams with TikTok to help businesses

By Tristan Hallman

Mayor Eric Johnson announced this week he is partnering with TikTok as part of its first ever Small Biz Block Party, a nationwide 20-event workshop series where business owners can come together to learn industry-leading tools and tactics that will help them reach new communities and grow their business. 

Mayor Johnson is inviting local businesses to participate in the week’s events.
Photo courtesy of KERA News

The Small Biz Block Party kicks off Aug. 12 in Texas.

“We are thrilled to partner with TikTok on its innovative efforts to boost our country’s small businesses, which are critical to our communities,” said Mayor Johnson. 

“This partnership is a perfect match for Dallas — a city where businesses of all sizes are able to thrive. We are working to provide opportunities for success for all of our businesses, especially the small businesses that define our neighborhoods and employ our residents. And by working together and learning from each other, we can ensure our entrepreneurs have the ability to achieve their dreams.”

Mayor Johnson is inviting local businesses to participate in the week’s events. All events are free and open to anyone who works at or owns a small business. Boosting entrepreneurship in Dallas is a major part of the mayor’s Build for the Future agenda. The partnership with TikTok follows the mayor’s announcement on Tuesday that he has partnered with The DEC Network to offer the newly created Mayor’s Startup Package to help entrepreneurs in the city. 

“Businesses of all sizes are using the magic of the TikTok community to reach new audiences and expand their business — whether it’s a startup or an iconic local business,” said Becca Sawyer, TikTok’s global head of SMB. “Our goal is to give every business owner in America the same opportunities as the biggest brands and to help them turn their dreams into a reality.”

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