Designated delegates meet

It is July, 1787. It is hot. Delegates from 13 states, most of whom cannot agree on much, have huddled together in secrecy to write the Constitution of the United States. 

Photo courtesy of Lakehill

On February 26, to coincide with their study of American history, Lakehill’s fourth graders brought history to life with Jean Fritz’s musical, “Shh! We’re Writing the Constitution.”  

The story focuses on the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and the trials and tribulations of the delegates as they worked to create an ordered system of government. 

The cast featured the fourth grade students as delegates to the Convention, and included Lucas Kurian as George Washington, Allia Wallace as James Madison, Max Lavie as Alexander Hamilton and Campbell Kahn as Benjamin Franklin. Lucas Herrera and Annelise Holman rounded out the cast, while numerous class members added flair as musicians and delegates. The students were under the direction of Tracy Herron, with special thanks to Mark Guerra for lighting. — Gigi Ekstrom