Dragon boat athletes head to Lake Lanier

Photo by David Barnes/Gainesville Times

Team USA selected athletes to compete in the ICF Dragon Boat World Championships, which will be held at Lake Lanier Olympic Park Sept. 12-16. Four members of Dallas United Crew’s Dragon Boat team from White Rock Lake were picked for the championships. Paddlers Rich Stewart, Kristin Walsh, Shirley Che and Angie Fealy will compete in the event. According to the Gainesville Times: “Teams from 16 countries will race for a spot on the podium. Boats have either 10 or 20 seats, with paddlers sitting in twos side-by-side and use a single-bladed paddle. Each boat also has a drummer and a steerer, with everybody in the boat paddling to the rhythm of the drum. With previous championships being held in Russia, Poland, Italy and Hungary, this year marks the first time the event will be held anywhere in the Americas.” — Staff Reports

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