GAPCo launches ‘Disaster Pizza’ to bid 2020 goodbye

By Ariana Hajibashi

A lot of words come to mind when you think of 2020. But nothing quite encapsulates this year like “disaster.” So when it came time for GAPCo to create a special pizza to commemorate the year coming to a close, they had their theme. 

Photo of the Disaster Pizza courtesy of GAPCo

The just-launched Disaster Pizza features fried Spam, pineapple, bell pepper, diced hard boiled egg, pimento cheese, black pepper, Alfredo sauce and GAPCo’s mozzarella cheese blend. So, it’s not your typical pizza. But it’s based on a few key ideas. When Covid hit, spam was the only thing left on store shelves. Pineapple is always a hotly debated pizza topping. Everyone started growing peppers to hone their new gardening hobbies, Alfredo is just good ol’ comfort sauce and pimento cheese … well in case you don’t get to see Grandma during the holidays, this lovely ingredient will remind you of her! 

Put it all together, and somehow, this creative pizza works. Come on, you know that GAPCo would never serve something unless it’s delicious.

The Disaster Pizza is available at both locations (Greenville Ave. and Peavy Rd.) through Dec. 31. Swing by either shop, or order carry-out online, and enjoy a large pizza ($20), small pizza ($17) or a single slice ($6.50). It’ll be one disaster you’ll want to experience again and again. Visit for more information.