Groundhog ready to predict future

Photo courtesy of the Dallas Arboretum

Many are wondering when spring arrives in 2020. What better way to find out than to bring in the area’s favorite meteorologist, Annie the groundhog! The Dallas Arboretum hosts its second Groundhog Day celebration on Sunday, Feb. 2 from 7-9 a.m. According to folklore, if a groundhog comes out of hiding and sees her shadow, she is scared and runs back inside, meaning six more weeks of winter. If she doesn’t see her shadow, spring arrives early, which for the Arboretum would be just in time for Dallas Blooms. After the sun rises at approximately 7:22 a.m., guests are welcome to take selfies with Arboretum Annie (pictured), make groundhog crafts and watch the iconic “Groundhog Day” movie with Bill Murray. 

— Juliette Coulter