Group raising funds for makeover

By Heather Tomlin 

The White Rock Lake Foundation (WRLF) plans to raise upwards of $400,000 to restore, repair and refresh the historic event venue Winfrey Point. Making aesthetic improvements to the 2,500 square-foot facility overlooking the lake has been on WRLF’s radar for years. After receiving approval from the Dallas Parks and Recreation and The White Rock Lake Task Force, WRLF has designated restoring the venue as their primary fundraising project. 

Photo courtesy of Dallas Parks

Board members kicked off their efforts last month, meeting on site with park department staff to review a wish list of improvements and estimates, and to see the tasks targeted for renovation firsthand.  

The White Rock Lake Foundation has raised millions of dollars for numerous projects benefiting White Rock Lake over the course of 32 years, including developing the total Master Plan rendering for White Rock Lake Park, funding and designing new architectural stone abutments to the pedestrian bridge at the main park entrance, and installing shade structures at the Winfrey Point Ball Fields. Most recently, the foundation raised more than $25,000 for directional signage around the lake, like those on the Santa Fe Trail, which provides the distance between certain points on the trail and a map of the area. The 11 new eye-catching signs will be located along the entirety of the White Rock Lake Trail.

The Foundation was instrumental and led the efforts to secure an $18 million dollar bond package through the City of Dallas to dredge White Rock Lake and restore it to a healthy, life-sustaining depth by the end of the 20th century. The bond package was approved by voters in May 1995. 

Fundraising continues to be a critical component of the White Rock Lake Foundation’s responsibilities. Private funds have paid for essentials at White Rock Lake Park such as picnic tables, bicycle racks, benches, trash receptacles, and additional landscaping.

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