Making dumplings, roof-top yoga all part of Avenue of Fun

Local businesses Laurel Tavern, the Libertine, Ragin’ Crab, Rapscallion, Tacos Mariachi and Lala Land will also feature specials or activities to commemorate the day.
Photo of lowest Greenville Ave.
Photo courtesy of Ariana Hajibashi

All day on Saturday, April 27, head for Lowest Greenville, because that’s where you’ll find a full day’s worth of food, drinks and activities. The Lowest Greenville Collective is hosting the celebration, which will showcase everything the bustling street has to offer, including the area’s restaurants, bars and shops. Starting at 10 a.m., the jam-packed schedule features something for everyone, and includes food and drink specials, giveaways and hands-on classes. You can compete in a pizza box folding contest at GAPCo, do some rooftop yoga at HG Sply Co, design T-shirts at Bullzerk and learn to make dumplings at Gung Ho. And that’s just a small taste of what’s going down throughout the day. So, on April 27, bring your family and friends, have lunch, have dinner, do some shopping and learn a new skill on Dallas’s most entertaining street. — Ariana Hajibashi

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