Player tells kids: ‘have good hearts’

By Shelly Thibodaux, Athletic Coordinator, Robert T. Hill MS

Seventh grader Alyson Arthur (above on the right) bought a pink hat for her mother, a breast cancer survivor.
Photos courtesy of Robert T. Hill Middle School

The holiday season is a time of the year fill with excitement for those of us who are on the receiving end of gifts and family time. For those who are less fortunate, the season can be somewhat less merry. Thanks to Dallas Cowboys Kavon Frazier and Nancy Lieberman, Coach of the Year for the Big3 League, team Power, the holidays got a little brighter for area children.

Kavon, of the Frazier Cares Foundation, and Nancy, of Nancy Lieberman Charites, teamed up to make the holidays a little brighter for 42 students of Hill Middle School and Bryan Adams High School. The students were filled with excitement as they boarded the bus to Under Armour at Northpark Mall. 

Once they were inside the store, Kavon Frazier spoke to them about his growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, his family and his Christian education. Frazier told the students, “This is my favorite time of the year because I really get to show an impact on these kids’ lives and give back.” 

Each student was presented a gift card by Frazier to shop with inside the Under Armour store. “If they want to get themselves something or if they want to get their families something. They can spend it however they want.” 

Hill MS eighth grader Aye May said: “The speech he gave us in the store has really touched my heart. He has inspired me to have a good heart, no matter what, and to give back to other people.”

“Thank you for making our holidays a little better with this.” eighth grader Mary SanJuan told the Cowboys legend. 

Seventh grader Alyson Arthur said: “I bought a pink hat for my mom, a breast cancer patient. She really appreciated her hat.”

Kavon Frazier (left) with student Isaiah Clemons-Roland.

Dallas ISD School Board member Dan Micicche, along with Hill MS teachers Rochelle Grant, Gordon Morriss, Antony Park and Shelly Thibodaux, joined the group of students for this event. Paris Clay, a seventh grader attending the shopping spree with her sister Kira Clay, said, “I want to thank Kavon Frazier for caring about us during the holidays.”Frazier said “Yeah, man. It’s my favorite time of the year.”