State Fair foots bill for major improvements

The State Fair of Texas aims to preserve its historical Fair Park home by helping to fund necessary improvements to its buildings and facilities. In 2018, the Fair is giving the City of Dallas $4 million to help pay for major maintenance and improvements at Fair Park, with the decision on how to allocate these funds at the discretion of the Park and Recreation director. In addition to the $4 million, the Fair will complete several other projects in Fair Park throughout the year as part of its annual effort to improve State Fair operations and the overall guest experience. The Fair loves to call Fair Park home and is proud to contribute to the preservation of its historic structures. Many people don’t realize that the State Fair is a nonprofit organization. The Fair’s main revenue source is admissions and parking from the event, as most of the coupon revenue goes to the concessionaires and ride operators, who set their own prices. — Karissa Condoianis

Photo courtesy of Dallas Parks