Videos explore history, new media

“Grasshopper” poster courtesy of Dallas Medianale 2019

By Kelly J. Kitchens

A program of the Video Association of Dallas, Dallas Medianale 2019 is a new media biennial supported in part by an award from National Endowment for the Arts & Texas Commission on the Arts. The exhibition makes its third return to The MAC, featuring works by internationally recognized artists Samson Kambalu, Luke Murphy, Allison Schulnik, Barry Stone and Penelope Umbrico. Curated by Charles Dee Mitchell, the program focuses on video works for this year’s exhibition, but also incorporates work that explores the breadth of approach included in time-based media, examining the history of the technology that has evolved to make these exhibitions possible. Single-channel screenings and video performance curated by Bart Weiss will be held at the Latino Cultural Center on Wednesday, July 17 and Thursday, July 18. For more information, visit