Volunteers needed for rescue workers

Volunteers will be made up to look like real victims.
Photo courtesy of CERT

The Dallas CERT Volunteer program needs individuals who are willing to volunteer as “victims” in a realistic disaster scenario, which is the final exercise for the participating responders. Volunteers should prepare to be made up with casualty simulation wounds/makeup. The volunteers should wear clothing that may be sacrificed to stage (simulated) blood and make-up — in other words the clothing should be considered “disposable” in case it gets soiled. It is strongly encouraged to wear shorts to allow for simulated leg injuries. If you would like to bring a minor, ages 16-18 will need a signed waiver from parent or guardian. Victims are needed on May 11 and June 15. If you have any questions about this volunteer opportunity, contact Community Preparedness Program Manager Cassandra Wallace at 214-671-8969 or cassandra.wallace@

dallascityhall.com. — From Staff Reports        

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