Bath House staff needs community support

Dear Friend,

The Bath House Cultural Center has been closed since January undergoing renovations. During this same time, due to the pandemic, the City of Dallas has been forced to make drastic budget cuts.  The Bath House staff has been furloughed or transferred to other City departments.  Once the renovation is completed and the pandemic subsides, the staff may not be fully restored and able to continue the excellent programming that we have all come to enjoy.  It takes a complete staff to provide the live theater, gallery shows, music, dance, and all the art and cultural experiences the Bath House Cultural Center delivers. Over 35,000 people visit the Bath House on an annual basis, which supports local artists and local businesses.

The Bath House needs you to take action to let our City and Elected Officials know how important it is to have a fully staffed Cultural Center.  Contact your local City Councilperson and Mayor Johnson. CLICK HERE FOR CONTACT INFO.

Here’s what you can say: ” Hi, my name is ____________  and I am a resident of Dallas.  The arts are important.  Please keep the Bath House Cultural Center fully staffed in order to continue providing engaging, meaningful, affordable, and inclusive high-quality arts and cultural experiences.  It is the only cultural center north of Downtown and it is a hub of activity essential to Dallas as a whole.  Hundreds of local artists and thousands of patrons depend on this programming.”

Regardless of why you love the Bath House Cultural Center, you are an important part of the Friends of the Bath House. The Bath House needs your action to continue being an important part of the community.

Thank you!

Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center Board of Directors