Fear emerges from not hearing

By Nancy Black The boom of thunder. The screech of warning sirens. The crashing of trees throughout the neighborhood. All of these were horrible aspects of the recent storms in our community. But the worst part for me? I didn’t hear any of it. Some may remember an editorial a few years ago where I […]

Not on my shift

By Nancy Black All I wanted to do was squeeze past them with my grocery basket to get to the next aisle at Walmart. What happened next is still haunting me.  There was a young boy, maybe nine or 10, who was leaning against his family’s basket while his siblings and mom picked out something […]

Slow down, you move too fast

By Nancy Black Mockingbird Lane. I love the name of that east/west thoroughfare through Dallas. Mainly because I grew up watching the television show, “The Munster’s.” They lived at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. But also, because I grew up in the Park Cities, which Mockingbird Lane runs down the middle of, so I have fond memories […]

Trigger warning

By Nancy Black Editor’s Note: This editorial discusses mental illness and suicide, which may be disturbing to some readers. Reader discretion is advised. “Un-alive-ing myself.” That is what the younger generation, who were raised with cell phones in their hands, call killing themselves these days. The don’t say or write “suicide,” because social media platforms […]

It takes a village

By Nancy Black Seven hundred. That’s how many editions of White Rock Lake Weekly we have published since our inception in 2009. We’re not only shouting, “Happy New Year!” this week, we’re cheering on our 15th year of bringing family-friendly community news to East Dallas. And I feel we are just getting started! If you […]

Don’t fall for it

By Nancy Black Ah!  It was so nice outside on Monday morning that I wanted to go tiptoeing through the dead grass. When it is 91 degrees at noon and you feel a bit chilly, you know you live in Texas. But wait! Don’t let Mother Nature fool you. The extreme heat will be back, […]

Death and taxes

By Nancy Black My neighbor across the street was found dead in his house earlier this month. His family hadn’t heard from him for more than a week, so they called the police for a welfare check. My heart goes out to my neighbor’s family, who live in Houston. They are devastated.  My heart also […]

They’re baaaaack!

By Nancy Black Those little green and white — and in my opinion dangerous — pests are back. No, I don’t mean annoying flies or mosquitoes. I mean annoying electric scooters and bikes. Don’t get me wrong. I would love it if the City of Dallas could successfully set up an electronic scooter or bike-sharing […]

The ‘new’ wild, wild West?

By Nancy Black I loved watching TV shows like “The Wild Wild West” and “The Rifleman” as a young girl. I actually got to be friends with Johnny Crawford, the child star of “The Rifleman” during my Hollywood days of the 80s and 90s. Those gunslinging cowboys really captivated audiences. And you always knew who […]

Cats and dogs and cars, oh, my

By Nancy Black They all knew something unusual was happening when my phone’s alarm clock went off so early on a Saturday morning. They followed my every swift move from the bathroom to the kitchen with confusion and anticipation.  “What is she doing?” they telecommunicated to each other. Once the leashes came out, my three […]

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