Hazing lawsuit filed

From Staff Reports

A lawsuit for hazing against UT – Arlington’s Sigma Chi fraternity and affiliated entities and individuals has been filed by the Turley Law Firm on behalf of a former UTA student. 

The suit states that the student, in order to be accepted into the fraternity, was forced to drink beer and liquor in such amounts that he suffered alcohol poisoning and was sent to an ICU with a blood alcohol level almost six times the legal limit. 

Turley Law Firm attorney, T Nguyen, who represents the student, said: “This incident was not the first such incident for Sigma Chi Fraternity at UTA. In 2013, this fraternity was suspended and put on probation for alcohol abuse. But here Sigma Chi is again, in 2019, doing the same thing. There is a systematic problem with this Greek organization that preys on student pledges who want to belong but are put in jeopardy to belong. After his traumatic medical emergency, he had to drop out of school.” 

For more information, contact T Nguyen, Turley Law Firm, at 214-691-4025, or tn@wturley.com.