McShan’s helps make petal patrols perfect

By D’Et Dixon

On Wednesday, Oct. 23,  the Dallas Police Department in partnership with McShan Florist and the Society of American Florists (SAF), once again joined hundreds of florists nationwide to surprise unsuspecting citizens with two free flower arrangements: one to keep and one to give to a friend, family member, colleague or even a stranger. The random-acts-of-kindness effort called “Petal It Forward” and organized by SAF, is designed to help people start their day with a smile and enjoy the positive impact flowers provide. DPD officers randomly surprised people in their beats with more than one hundred arrangements and green plants on the morning of the 23rd. 

“Petal It Forward” is about random acts of kindness.
Photo courtesy of McShan Florist

“We witnessed first-hand how fresh flowers and plants can help someone start their day with a smile, but to have an extra arrangement to share definitely added to the surprise factor!” said Sgt. Munoz with DPD Community Affairs. “We thank our friends at McShan Florist for giving us this wonderful opportunity to reach out into the community and spread a little kindness.”

Added Jodi McShan: “We are proud to be a part of this national movement as we ‘Petal It Forward’ each year.  Surprise flowers brighten everyone’s day and the ability to petal it forward with the participation of the DPD makes the day even more special.”

“Petal It Forward” began in 2015 when “happiness ambassadors” hit the streets of Manhattan with 4,400 fresh bouquets to surprise busy commuters with two bouquets, one to keep and one to share with whomever they chose. The response was immediate and overwhelmingly successful, illustrating Rutgers’s research that “flowers create true delight and enjoyment,” according to Jennifer Sparks, SAF’s vice president of marketing. The campaign is now a national event with florists from every state participating while distributing thousands of mood-boosting blooms each October.