Sometimes life stinks

By Nancy Black

Colorectal cancer. Mass murder at community newspaper. Plano’s very unpatriotic poop in our lake. Those were my notes to myself about possible subjects for this week’s editorial.

Colorectal cancer because a childhood friend of mine just died, at the age of 53, from the disease. She wasn’t just any elementary school friend, either. She was the one who grew up to be a space architect! That is, after she graduated with honors from Harvard and Yale. But you know what she didn’t do? Catch her colon cancer in time to fight it. A simple colonoscopy would have revealed her disease much earlier, possibly giving her a chance to live longer and do even more on Earth and in space. She also left behind two daughters. So sad. If you’re 50 years old or older, schedule your colonoscopy today. Visit for more information.

Mass murder at community newspaper because some of my fellow journalists were killed this past week at the offices of The Capital Gazette in Maryland. So tragic. It seems extreme for a disgruntled, albeit mentally ill, man to go to such measures just because he didn’t like what was written about him.

But then I remembered the people who haven’t liked what White Rock Lake Weekly has printed about them, their organization or establishment. We’ve actually had a couple of reporters from our little bitty community newspaper who’ve had to involve the police because of repeated harassment from angry people who didn’t like the facts we printed about them. That’s pretty sad; and scary, too. Please, if you’re having trouble processing your anger or emotions, seek professional help. Visit to find assistance.

And the City of Plano’s poop flowing into the Gem of Dallas? So gross. And smelly! Way to spoil Fourth of July and every other day of boating, paddle boarding and fishing on White Rock Lake for who knows how long; not to mention the impact on the wildlife who make our lake their home. What part of “Call Before You Dig” on the posted sign did a construction worker not understand before he dug and ruptured a sewage pipe? That pipe sent an estimated 1,069,000 gallons of sanitary sewage into White Rock Creek, about 12 miles from where it enters White Rock Lake. According to Call 811, the chance of causing damage to underground pipes can be reduced to less than 1 percent if construction companies call 811 before they begin any project. Visit for more information, please, City of Plano.

All of these tragedies could have possibly been prevented by those involved doing one thing — taking action: finally getting that long-overdue medical checkup before it’s too late, finally admitting you have a problem with anger and seeking help from a professional before you hurt others, finally calling 811 before you affect the lives of thousands of humans and animals. Action. It’s a little word that goes a long way.

Note to self: schedule cardio stress test.

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