Steaks weren’t the only thing cooking

Board Treasurer Joe Pitch (left) and Tillman House Program Manager Robert O’Bannon burn the mortgage for Tillman House.
Photo courtesy of Dallas 24 Hour Club

Dallas 24 Hour Club — a nonprofit organization that provides transitional living, support services and essential life skills for homeless alcoholics and addicts so they can embrace long-term sobriety and become contributing and self-supporting members of the community — hosted its monthly Steak Night on Saturday, March 4. Held on the first Saturday of each month, Steak Night is a great time for fellowship with Residents of The 24 and local community members. This month’s Steak Night celebrated the fifth anniversary of The 24’s new facility on Ross Avenue. There was also a ceremonial burning of the mortgage for Tillman House, the sober living apartment complex for 24 Successful Grads. — Olivia Rathie