Charletta Wayne Good Greene

Charletta Wayne Good Greene. What a woman! She was a career military wife, a teacher, a student, an historian, artist and adventurer. 

Charletta took Girl Scouts rafting down the Colorado River and sat down with Margaret Thatcher at a luncheon. She taught kids to swim and Navy Seals water rescue. We wonder how many lives she saved?

Her pioneer spirit gave her a passion for Daughters of the American Revolution, and was honored to be regent for Titus Travis chapter an unheard of six times and proud to be a member of the James Billingsley chapter.

Charletta was a devoted wife and mother. Married for 60 years to retired Chief Master Sgt. Daniel W. Greene, a 23-year honored Navy and Air Force Veteran. She was so proud of her magician son, John Greene, and always reminded him he “was the best.” She loved her daughter Jennie Gorman, son-in-law Glenn and her three grandchildren, Nathan, Elizabeth and Michael, very much.

Charletta loved, well, everything — her garden, the birds, outside, inside, starlight, candlelight, fireworks and really good movies. 

A favorite of Charletta’s was “Casablanca.” Watch it again, and enjoy it in her memory.