Crime Watch — Vol. 14, No. 41

October 3 —  2 p.m.

1900 Block El Capitan Dr. (75228) 

Resisting Arrest, Search or Transport: The arrested person resisted uniformed officers by tensing up and dead weighting during their efforts to restrain him.

October 3 —  7:35 p.m.

5500 Block Greenville Ave. (75206 ) 

Aggravated Robbery of a Business: The suspect displayed a handgun and demanded money.

October 4 —  2:35 a.m.

11000 Block Swaffar Dr. (75228) 

Criminal Trespass: The victim told police that an unknown suspect climbed the fence onto her property without her consent.

October 4 —  10 a.m.

1700 Block N. Hall St. (75204) 

Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animals: Complainant reported that the suspect intentionally fed grapes to her animals, knowing of their toxicity to such animals.

October 4 —  7:50 p.m.

8900 Block E. R. L. Thornton Serv EB (75228) 

Aggravated Robbery: An unknown suspect confronted the victim at gunpoint and demanded property from her.

October 5 —  4 p.m.

9300 Block Whistle Stop Pl. (75231) 

Burglary of a Building with No Forced Entry: The complainant stated that multiple items were taken from her closed garage.

October 5 —  10 p.m.

8700 Block Ferguson Rd. (75228) 

Burglary of a Building with Forced Entry: An unknown suspect smashed the front door glass panel, entered the premises and stole property.

October 6 —  12:43 a.m.

12100 Block E. Northwest Hwy. (75218) 

Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon: Arrested person is a felon and was apprehended while in possession of a handgun.

October 6 —  1:25 a.m.

4800 Block Ross Ave. (75204) 

Burglary of a Building with Forced Entry: An unknown suspect broke into a smoke store, stole items, then fled.

October 7 —  3:30 p.m.

9400 Block Skillman St. (75243) 

Capital Murder by Terroristic Threat: Suspect stole complainant’s vehicle, then ran over him, killing him.

October 7 —  4:23 p.m.

8100 Block Park Ln. (75231) 

Aggravated Robbery of an Individual: Victim told police that a suspect armed with a knife stole property from him.

October 8 —  3:20 a.m.

9100 Block E. R. L. Thornton Serv WB (75228) 

Discharge of a Firearm in Certain Municipalities: An unknown suspect fired three shots in the air in the City of Dallas.

October 8 —  2:01 p.m.

8100 Block Park Ln. (75231) 

Deadly Conduct: Victim reported that an unknown suspect displayed a firearm and cocked the gun while staring him down.

October 9 —  10 a.m.

4100 Block San Jacinto St. (75204) 

Harassment by way of Repeated Electronic Communication: Suspect continually harasses complainant by texting and calling her.

October 9 —  3:30 p.m.

2500 Block Santa Anna Ave. (75228) 

Theft by Deception (Fraud): An unknown suspect ordered parts by hacking into a business account.