Dallas ISD Board of Trustees Dan Micciche, District 3

Welcome back, District 3! Our teachers, students and community members are already hard at work to make the 2023-2024 school year an outstanding one. The district is starting off strong with several accomplishments, and I look forward to the countless wins to come.

Dallas ISD makes positive gains

Students in Dallas ISD are closing the academic achievement gap and are exceeding pre-pandemic STAAR performances in the Meets Grade Level category in reading, which means more students are on grade level. This positive movement gives students and educators an encouraging boost to start the new school year.

Welcoming District 3 leaders

Join me in welcoming several new principals to our campuses. Congratulations to Katie Lewis at Martha Turner Reilly Elementary School, Sarah Foster Abraiza at Bryan Adams High School Leadership Academy, Ashley Padilla at George W. Truett Elementary School and Alex Merritt at Alex Sanger Preparatory School.

Congratulations to former Bryan Adams principal Ryan Bott on becoming the executive director of the Bryan Adams High School Leadership Academy Vertical Team and to Sanger principal Hector Martinez on becoming the executive director of the Samuell High School Vertical Team. Congratulations also to Richard Kastl on his promotion to assistant superintendent of Special Services. He most recently served as the executive director of the Bryan Adams Vertical Team and prior to that was the principal of Bryan Adams High School. These three individuals have helped lead our East Dallas schools to excellence.

A district of distinction

Dallas ISD is the winner of the Texas Art Education Association (TAEA) District of Distinction Award for the third consecutive year. This distinction honors school districts who are leading the way in the visual arts as well as exemplifying a well-rounded education that advocates and integrates visual arts curriculum to inspire creativity and build social-emotional learning. Thank you to all the District 3 team members who contributed to this accomplishment. 

Bringing field trips to the classroom

Hailey Rangel, a prekindergarten teacher at Jill Stone Elementary School, is on a mission to bring “field trips” to her students, which includes interactive, on-campus activities to not only engage them, but also make learning more meaningful.

The activities Rangel has brought to the school range from science to the arts. For example, Rangel is responsible for starting the school garden and bringing a mobile dairy farm to the school. She has also invited guests, including representatives from the Dallas Museum of Art and City of Dallas staff members who talked to the students about the importance of water conservation.