Local doctor stars in new medical show

Photo courtesy of Charlotte Hodges

Dallas’ Dr. Charlotte Hodges (pictured), who is chair of the Surgery Department at White Rock Medical Center and the center’s Bariatric Director, is one of three bariatric surgeons featured in TLC’s new series “Botched Bariatrics.” The show tells the stories of patients who have suffered profoundly since their original bariatric surgeries were performed, and how new teams of bariatric and plastic surgeons take on the arduous and difficult task of correcting the prior surgical mistakes so that patients can have their lives back. “Patients turn to bariatric surgery to help them lose weight and regain control of their lives, and unfortunately, sometimes these surgeries, when poorly performed, create even more problems,” said Dr. Hodges. “I’m honored to be featured on this new show with other doctors who are working to correct some of the worst cases and enable patients to begin living the transformed lives they envisioned when first undergoing bariatric surgery.” “Botched Bariatrics” is debuting as a three-part series, with shows on May 15 (“Cut the Crap”), May 22 (“Holy Moly”) and May 29 (“Butt Out”). The patients highlighted are all in dire need of help, ranging from a woman who can only eat pureed food to a man living with explosive bowels. Dr. Hodges’ patients are featured in the first two episodes on the 15 and 22. — Kathy Beazley