Please wear a mask!

By Nancy Black

Covidiot. There, I wrote it. For all those people out there who are still refusing to wear a mask in public, you’re a Covidiot. For all those who still believe an entire global pandemic is just a political hoax, you’re a Covidiot. For all those who think they can’t have the coronavirus just because they feel fine, you’re a Covidiot. COVID-19 is REAL. Texas just surpassed more than one million cases! Texas is not just leading the nation in new cases; we are in the Top 4 regions in the WORLD seeing an explosion of the pandemic. Texas ranks right up (down) there with Columbia! Why?

Dr. David Callender, president of the Houston Memorial Hermann Health System, said: “To me, politics entered in an inappropriate way. People making a political statement with their behavior — that the pandemic is a hoax, that no one can make them wear a mask — really interfered with efforts. It was the wrong mindset.”

The election is over. The pandemic is not. Please wear a mask, if not for yourself, then for others. You could have COVID but be asymptomatic — that means you look and feel just fine but are actually actively spreading the virus to others around you. Testing is free in Dallas County for anyone over the age of five and who lives within the boundaries of Dallas County. Visit for more information.