School receives historic book



Former Robert T. Middle School student Ken Lampton (right) presents the book to Hill principal Candice Ruiz.
Photo courtesy of Robert T. Hill Middle School

By Josh Ault

It was back in 1986 when Ken Lampton, of Monterey, Calif., purchased a book at an antique store. He realized quickly that this book, written in 1900 about Texas geography, was special and the man who gathered the information, Robert T. Hill, sounded familiar.

“When I saw Robert T. Hill,” said Lampton, “I snapped!”

Lampton was a student at Hill Middle School in 1974. He knew that one day this special book needed to return home.

“I didn’t want it to sit around,” he said.

Robert T. Hill was a well-known geologist from Texas. He studied at Cornell University and is credited for naming several landforms in Texas. The book Lampton purchased is titled “Geography and Geology of the Black and Grand Prairies, Texas.”

Lampton was recently visiting Dallas and brought the book with him.

“I didn’t want it to sit around,” said Lampton.

 He realized his former middle school, who was named after Hill, would be a perfect place to put it.

“I wanted this to be here because I had a lot of family members who went here,” he said.

On October, Lampton gave the book to Hill principal Candice Ruiz.

“It’s amazing,” said Ruiz, “It’s coming back home.”

Ruiz says she will try to get the book restored, and hopefully get some of the maps that are included in the book framed. 

The book will now be placed in the Robert T. Hill Middle School library for generations of students to enjoy.