The Fair is in the air

By Nancy Black

Sweater weather! I love those two words. And I love what they mean. They mean it’s time for cool mornings, chilly evenings and, of course, the State Fair of Texas. I’ve missed the State Fair, though, I must admit, I was a bit hesitant to go this year. 

But I am going to risk it. I am vaccinated, I am going to wear my mask inside and out, and I absolutely will be toting a bottle of hand sanitizer with me at all times. Why risk a trip to the Fair? Because I need to support the concessioners. Those mostly family-owned businesses need all of our help this year to recover from last year’s losses. They depend on our appetites to make a living. So, eat a salad today so you can get your favorites during the Fair. And maybe enjoy my personal favorite, too, the Best of the Best of the Big Tex Choice Awards Bert Concessions’ Texas Fried FRITOS Pie!