To infinity, and beyond!

By Nancy Black

Photo courtesy of NASA

I don’t know about Buzz Lightyear, but I was pretty darn excited when I saw the InSight Mars Lander touch down on the red planet this past week. But what was even more fun for me to see were the NASA scientists celebrating.

By this time next week, I predict that the whole world will be doing the secret, victory handshake two of those scientists in Mission Control performed after the lander touched down.

If you haven’t seen the video, you must look it up. It consists of two brilliant rocket scientists (read: real geeks), one male one female, doing a high-five, jimmy jig of a dancing hand-slapping routine worthy of such a moment in history.

It took almost seven months for the InSight lander to travel the 300 million miles to reach Mars.

I bet it took those creative NASA buddies about the same length of time to practice their bit. But they had their fun handshake down to a science (Get it?).

It’s nice to know that people who spend their lives trying to advance our civilization can still take time out of their busy days to have some fun. Maybe we should all take a cue from the scientists at NASA. Work hard to achieve your goals. Then celebrate like your accomplishments are out of this world.