Unique backgrounds help guide future

By Katie Mudd

The Magdalen House, a nonprofit organization helping women achieve sobriety and sustain recovery from alcoholism at no-cost and based on 12-Step spiritual principles, proudly announces the 2023 slate of board members.

Board Chair Tina Shuey.
Photo courtesy of The Magdalen House

“We are beyond grateful to welcome our 2023 slate of board members,” said Lisa Kroencke, executive director of The Magdalen House. “Each board member will provide our organization with a unique background and perspective, and we look forward to their expertise and guidance.” 

• Tina Shuey, board chair

• Jorge Azpe, treasurer 

• Lucinda Buford, development

• Dr. Kay Colbert, immediate past chair

• Klint Guerry, member at large

• Delia Johnson, member at large

• Jennifer Landry, secretary

• Nancy McMahon, member at large

• Kallie Meyers, member at large

• Ben Parkey, member at large 

• Hector Patino, member at large

• Roxanne Pero, member at large

• Robin B. Seckel, member at large 

According to a recent study, women increased their drinking by 41 percent during the pandemic. Today, there are more than 250,000 alcoholic women in D/FW alone. Less than 1 in 15 alcoholic women (only 6.9 percent) will seek formal help. Because women face more stigmatization, shame, family responsibilities and socioeconomic barriers than men, they frequently have co-occurring disorders and are less likely to seek treatment. For an alcoholic who can’t stop drinking or a concerned loved one of an alcoholic, the first step in recovery is education and access to resources. In North Texas, The Magdalen House provides residential recovery, social detox, group meetings, structured programs, family support groups and tools designed to help grow and sustain recovery. Support and leadership from the board of directors will ensure that The Magdalen House can continue to provide no-cost services to alcoholic women.

For more information visit magdalenhouse.org.