Work, dedication paying off for WRR

By Alejandra Ortiz

White Rock Rowing, the only Dallas rowing club to hold multiple national youth championship trophies (2014, 2021), competed in its first regatta of the 2023 spring season at the Oklahoma City (OKC) Junior Invitational Regatta on Saturday, March 25. The junior athletes placed top three in 14 of the 16 events they raced.

White Rock Rowing was one of four crews representing Dallas that attended the OKC Junior Invitational Regatta. Other cities represented included Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas in the central region.

“Our junior athletes were eagerly awaiting the start of racing season. The OKC Invitational was a great example of the amount of work and dedication they put in during winter training,” said Sue Ellen Chambers, president of the White Rock Boathouse, Inc., the nonprofit that manages White Rock Boathouse and White Rock Rowing. “We are building momentum and looking forward to more regattas in April.”

Left to right: Josie Airitam, Cordelia Bowden, Charlotte Williams, Charlotte Bohannon, Ava Moyer, Addison Holmes, Kenna Rosenthal and Maggie Harlow (Coxswain).
Photo courtesy of WRR

Oklahoma City Junior Invitational Regatta | White Rock Rowing Results:

Women’s U-17 4+ A

Gold: (Coxswain) Maggie Harlow, Leah Jones, Kenna Rosenthal, Ava Moyer and Charlotte Bohannon

Men’s U-15 4x+

Gold: (Coxswain) Finlay Presson-Hayter, Boston Lewis, Sam Kennedy, Andrew Moyer and Harper LeFleur

Women’s U-17 8+ A

Gold: (Coxswain) Maggie Harlow, Leah Jones, Kenna Rosenthal, Addison Holmes, Ava Moyer, Charlotte Bohannon, Charlotte Williams, Cordelia Bowden and Josephine Airitam

Men’s U-17 4+ B

Gold: (Coxswain) Finlay Presson-Hayter, Zaphney Wooldridge, Micah Spooner, Luca D’Orso and Andrew Delgado

Men’s Novice 8+ B

Gold: (Coxswain) Chase Miller, Aiden Downum, Nadim Hraibi, Emmett Garst, Smith Sterling, Luca Tristan, Ciaran Dunleavy, Zach Turner and Jackson McNeill

Men’s Youth 8+

Silver: (Coxswain) Anjali Pamurthy, Jett Fenlaw, Will Kennedy, Luke McCavit, Hunter Howard, Peter Reynolds, Lucas Cooper, Juan Huerta and Demir Yildirim

Men’s U-17 8+ A

Silver: (Coxswain) Chase Miller, Conner Seifert, Rohan Nijhawan, Hugo Cortez, Andrew Moyer, Luca D’Orso, Luca Davisson, Micah Spooner and Andrew Hidalgo

Women’s Youth 2-

Silver: Naomi Geiger and Bella Cooper

Women’s U-17 8+ B

Silver: (Coxswain) Emmaline Pampel, London Ezell, Stirling Moyse, Sidney Bailey, Caroline Fenlaw, Naomi Ferguson, Celeste Bakos, Marley Hansen and Trinity Adams

Men’s Youth 2-

Silver: Luke McCavit and Will Kennedy

Men’s Youth 2V 4+ A

Silver – Tied: (Coxswain) Anjali Pamurthy, Levi Bowman, William Stanley, Lucas Cooper and Owen Kisner

Women’s Youth 2V 4+

Bronze: (Coxswain) Chloe Moore, Hattie Espaillat, Jade Libson, Renee Powell, Hannah Grauel

Men’s U-17 4+ A

Bronze: (Coxswain) Chase Miller, Connor Seifert, Rohan Nijhawan, Hugo Cortez and Lucas Davisson

Women’s Youth 8+

Bronze: (Coxswain) Chloe Moore, Naomi Geiger, Bella Cooper, Katherine Adams, Linnea Roberts, Holland Feeney, Jade Libson, Renee Powell and Amber Szczepkowski

Men’s Novice 8+ A

(Coxswain) Marina Guandolo, Jake Bearing, Peter Reynolds, Zach Seidel, Drew Daggett, Kohan Love-Jones, Pierce Madden, Tate Buckland and Xavier Lewis

Women’s Novice 8+

(Coxswain) Margaret Reidy, London Ezell, Stirling Moyse, Bella Castaneda, Hannah Grauel, Emma Moseley, Trisha Mitra, Kora VanDenBerg and Kathryn Moyse