Lamott to share hope with Nexus

Photo courtesy of Nexus

Bestselling novelist and essayist Anne Lamott will share her experiences at the Women’s Auxiliary of Nexus Recovery Center’s Spring Luncheon on Tuesday, April 30 at the Hyatt Regency Dallas. Lamott’s new book “Almost Everything: Notes on Hope” was published last year. The community is invited to join in the mission to support and promote the interests of Nexus Recovery Center. Nexus has a long history of providing treatment for women and young girls who suffer from addiction. Last year, 1,969 women and 341 children were served. This comprehensive program has a continuum of care that includes prevention and intervention, detoxification, residential recovery treatment, early childhood and high school education onsite, afterschool and summer programs for school aged children, life and parenting skills training, outpatient care, transitional housing and alumni programs. The luncheon will also feature a book signing. For more information about the event, visit — Sharon Adams

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