Cat got your thumb?

Cat got your thumb?

By Nancy Black I no longer exist. I have lost my identity. And it is all because of my cat. The cat I rescued, no less, from certain death as she tried to hop across Skillman Street near Home Depot. It all began innocently enough. My cat, now one year old, and I were batting […]

Always go to the funeral

By Nancy Black Am I the only one who gets mad at funerals? Forgive my honesty, but it really ticks me off when a priest, minister or holy leader starts off a funeral or memorial service by saying, “I didn’t know [name of dead person] personally, but I read in his obituary that he was […]

Princesses and peas

Princesses and peas

By Nancy Black I nibbled at first; then I finally took the bait. After driving my K-Pop music-crazed teenager to and from Fort Worth twice this past weekend, I was hooked. I had to find out what the “sign” was all about. “Mattress companies lie!” the billboard on I-30 I kept passing reads. The website […]

Who ya gonna call?

By Nancy Black Eight-six-seven-five, three O nine! That’s the only telephone number I know by heart these days. And it doesn’t even belong to anyone I know. It’s from a hit Tommy Tutone song from 1981 about a girl named Jenny.  Kind of humorous, not knowing any telephone numbers these days. And I am sort […]

Raining worms!

By Nancy Black   It first happened after the nighttime storm we had a few weeks ago. When I went outside to sit at my patio table the next morning, it was covered in these itty bitty, teeny tiny, wiggling worms. Seriously, they were smaller than a cup cake’s candy sprinkles. And they weren’t just […]

The Placard Police!

The Placard Police!

By Nancy Black I was furious when I saw it. My brother, who was hoping another candidate would win the presidential election that year, just laughed when he saw it. In the dark of one night, some vandal(s) had defaced our Obama for President sign, which hung on the fence of my mother’s home. They […]

Going to market?

By Nancy Black This little piggy went to market This little piggy stayed home This little piggy ate roast beef This little piggy had none This little piggy went wee, wee, wee all the way home. Now I get it. My mother wasn’t just playing with my toes. She was teaching me about society — […]

Nature has the Rx

By Nancy Black It looked like a little baboon’s bottom sticking up in the air, all red and raw. What was a human mother to do? My own mother suggested cod liver oil. What? Cod liver oil? It turns out it is the main ingredient in Desitin, the diaper rash cream. How in the world […]

Cruel and unusual weather

By Nancy Black When it’s 98 degrees outside and you feel cool, you know you’re in Texas. I actually put on a sweater last Tuesday night because of the lovely chill in the air. It was 83 degrees at the time. I do not do heat well. I’m not very good during extreme cold spells […]

Murder, she wrote!

By Nancy Black I followed the directions exactly as written. I shook the can vigorously. I cleared all our pets from the yard. And then I moved my outstretched arm in a big, sweeping motion from left to right, as instructed. Less than two minutes later, they were dead. No, not the mosquitoes I was […]