Center welcomes two giraffe calves

By Warren Lewis

When there is huge giraffe-related news to be shared, there is simply no better occasion than International Waffle Day, which was on March 25. Why this day? That’s when Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas announced the birth of Waffles, its newest giraffe.

Mom Snorgie and dad, Mananasi, snuggle with their new calf, Waffles.
Photo courtesy of Fossil Rim

Her mother, Snorgie, gave birth on Saturday, March 4 at 6:55 p.m., producing Fossil Rim’s first calf from their new bull, Mananasi, now six years old. 

“The hoofstock intern, Madison Jayes, and I observed from afar while Snorgie was in active labor for just under two hours. As an experienced dam, Snorgie immediately started grooming the calf and encouraging it to stand,” said Fossil Rim Curator of Hoofstock Molly Shea. By the next morning the calf was dried off and tucked in a secluded spot, since we don’t intervene to weigh or examine giraffe calves unless we have a health concern. Giraffe calves are usually about 125 to 150 lbs. at birth and about 6 feet tall. Executive Coordinator Kristen Hannah has patiently waited to name a giraffe calf for years! 

“We think ‘Waffles’ suits her well,” Shea said. 

But wait, there is more.

On March 19, another female named Nettie gave birth to Fossil Rim’s second female giraffe calf. She’s doing well and enjoying hanging out with Waffles. Her name has yet to be announced.

Both of these giraffe calves can be seen on the public self-guided tour.

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