Fly a kite for angels

Photo courtesy of Naima Hill

Celebrate loved ones who are gone by flying a message-filled kite for them while helping to raise money for a needed playground. This money raising event, the Sunshine Kite Festival, on Saturday, June 22 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at Old City Park, 1515 S. Harwood, Dallas is planned in honor of a gone-too-soon daughter Aveline (Avy), who died, along with the family dog, in a tragic car accident earlier this year. To celebrate Avy’s birthday, which is on June 24 (she would have been two), her family wanted to engage in some of her favorite things, embrace talking about lost loved ones, send them flying kite messages, and help raise money for the playground. There are many ways for the neighborhood to participate in the festival. Donate $10 to build the playground and include a loved one’s name and message on a kite, and volunteers will decorate a kite with that message and fly it that day. Participants can also decorate their own kite to fly in their neighborhood or local park or buy one from the festival to fly. Just get outside and tag videos and pictures #ASKF2024. Other ways to help include donating to the Avy’s Memorial Playground GoFundMe or buying anything off of, because all proceeds go to building a playground. Know any developers/contacts/nonprofits in Dallas who would love to partner on this project? Reach out and get in touch. Email [email protected]. — From Staff Reports