Goats help control vegetation, wild fires

From City of Dallas Staff Reports

This summer, Dallas Water Utilities implemented a lower environmental impact alternative for vegetation management through a targeted goat grazing pilot program to help clear areas of woody, invasive understory vegetation. 

A goat grazing pilot program helps clear areas of woody, invasive understory vegetation.
Photo courtesy Dallas Water Utilities

Targeted grazing (typically using goats, but also sheep) controls problem vegetation without erosion, chemicals or the disruption and burning of fossil fuels that comes with mechanization, thus reducing carbon release into the air. Areas within the Frasier Dam and Apple Valley were closed to the public to permit the targeted grazing.

The City is experiencing heavy underbrush problems along its creeks and floodway management areas (FMA) that impede stormwater flow.  The primary goal is to establish an overall approach to flood reduction due to heavy brush impeding stormwater flow by utilizing a natural control method. Additionally, this will reduce wildfire fuel loads and invasive species such as, but not limited to, Chinese privet and Asian bush honeysuckle. The project is anticipated to be completed this month.