New swing sets standard for future fun

By Shannon McCracken

After two years of dedicated fundraising efforts, on Saturday, Oct. 21, the Lake Highlands Junior Women’s League (LHJWL) proudly unveiled a remarkable addition to the Flag Pole Hill playground — a We Go Non-transfer wheelchair swing. This initiative was first conceived during Mallory Mullen’s presidency at LHJWL, with the aim of promoting inclusivity and enjoyment for all in Dallas. 

Dallas ISD Board of Trustees member Dan Micchici got to take one of the first rides. His companion was a young constituent named Jackson.
Photo courtesy of the Lake Highlands Junior Women’s League

This project follows in the footsteps of LHJWL’s previous endeavors at Flag Pole Hill, where they utilized funds from the 2017 and 2018 Run the Highlands events, along with support from various community organizations, to establish “A Signature Playground for People of All Ages and Abilities.” The park officially opened for play on September 13, 2018 through a partnership with the Jordan Spieth Family Foundation and has since become one of Dallas’s most popular parks, recognized by the Dallas Parks and Recreation, serving as a cherished community hub. 

John D. Jenkins, director, Dallas Park and Recreation Department said: “Dallas Park and Recreation wants to ensure all families and communities have access to quality recreation. We’re excited to introduce this ADA-accessible swing that will allow children in wheelchairs to enjoy the playground with their family and friends. The philanthropic efforts of the Exchange Club of Lake Highlands, Spieth Family Foundation and Lake Highlands Junior Women’s League are vital in creating parks inclusive for everyone.”

The LHJWL, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to beautifying the neighborhood and fostering a strong sense of community and belonging through fundraising and social events. The introduction of the non-transfer wheelchair swing perfectly aligns with this mission. The swing is the first of its kind in Dallas, which sets a new standard for all future playgrounds in the city. 

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