Performance has new ideas about cancer

Photo by Shelia Huffman

By Shelia Huffman

Dance Idea held their premier performance, “Cacophony,” on stage Saturday evening at Central Christian Church.

Dance Idea is a multi-media performance group celebrating dance in a variety of forms — choreography, dance for camera, performance, and private and group lessons. “Cacophony,” choreographed by Director Elizabeth Owens, is a story about two women who undergo the diagnosis, treatment and recovery of cancer. Plagued with fear and a newly found awareness of mortality, the patients decide to go through their journey together instead of alone, with one reaching recovery first and then returning to provide support to the other.

Cacophony refers to the literal sounds of medical equipment as well as the metaphoric dissonance of feelings and realizations during difficult life experiences.

The performance included dance, poetry, piano and guitar by local artists.

Dance Idea is housed in an upstairs renovated space in the Mid-Century Modern church building located at 4711 Westside Dr. in Dallas. The church is a perfect venue for dance companies and theater arts with a fully operable stage in its fellowship hall.

This summer Central will host its fourth summer camp, “Summer Showtunes.”  For more information about Dance Ideas, the summer camp program or the church’s community dog park, call 214-526-7291.