Stroke survivor explores cold wax ‘unpainting’

By Pam Massar

July brings artist Lis Adams Reed to Dutch Art Gallery with her solo show “Magical Mystery Tour” of cold wax SoulScapes. Cold wax is a clear medium with the consistency of “canned frosting.” Painting in layers, Reed essentially covers up one finished painting after another, then decides when it’s time to “unpaint” by carving and scraping the wax to reveal the final painting.

“Life is filled with layers and all of them together make us who we are,” Reed said. “The layers of my paintings represent all the experiences we have, whether joyous or trying. They make us the beautiful beings that we are.”

She first touched cold wax only four years ago. Having suffered a stroke that left her blind in one eye, Lisa abandoned her small watercolor and ink paintings. After first fearing she would have to give up painting completely, she instead embarked on a wide-ranging exploration of “every medium that existed” and found a new passion with cold wax. Reed’s show runs through July 31. Dutch Art Gallery is located at 10233 E. Northwest Hwy #420, Dallas, 75238. Visit for more information.

Artist Lis Adams Reed calls her form of artwork “unpainting” — carving and scraping the wax to reveal the final painting. Photo courtesy of Dutch Art Gallery