Trail design template for other green spaces

From City Staff Reports

As daylight wanes, the excitement for outdoor exploration hasn’t faded — the leaves have turned and are falling to the ground along the Trinity Forest Spine Trail and new Creekside Park. This is a great time of year to enjoy the parks and trails. 

The Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association worked with the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department on designing The Loop.
Photo courtesy of The Loop

As neighbors walk or ride through the city’s newest green space, the meticulous trail design and partnership with the Dallas Park and Recreation Department and the Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association continue to be proof of concept for the future of safe public spaces. 

Walking and riding along the new trail, the underbrush and invasive species have been cleared from the nearby mature trees, creating clear lines of sight. Sitting on a gentle berm, the trail returned to service almost immediately after the recent severe storms that flooded many areas in Dallas. And the new Creekside Park sees continuous use from new and experienced mountain bikers looking to ride natural surface trails just a mile and half south of White Rock Lake. 

These features and programming have dramatically changed the feel and use of this public space. 

The intentional design and partnerships are a template for the next projects and other green spaces across Dallas, minimizing risk factors — and increasing safety — through design.

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