It was an honor

By Nancy Black Immediate respect. That is what I saw. Forget all the divisiveness around air travel and mask mandates happening in our world today. The moment the pilot told us of the situation, we all acted accordingly — with the utmost respect. I flew to Annapolis this past weekend to visit my midshipman. After […]

Thank you, Mr. Rogers!

By Nancy Black Betty White, Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Fred Rogers. They are a few of my heroes in life. Unfortunately, they are no longer with us. But their legacies live on. They were all kind, caring, talented trailblazers who made the world a better place. Will Smith used to be one of my heroes. […]

The Big Chill

By Nancy Black My tulips are confused, and so am I. I just got through taking all my plants back outside, after moving them inside to protect them from the cold. Now I have to bring them back in? I have winter weather PTSD. Post-traumatic stress syndrome is a very serious disorder, so please don’t […]

A Red Ribbon Day!

By Nancy Black My mouth dropped open in disbelief on Tuesday as I worked at my desk while listening to the national evening news. Especially because the tone of voice of the anchor was so calm and nonchalant, like what he was reporting was no big deal. “A woman was cured of HIV, the virus […]

Careful, smart, joyful

By Nancy Black “Duck and cover.” That’s what my generation was taught as children. The Cold War was very real. Most school cafeterias were designated as fall-out shelters. Ducking and covering was also designed to save people from tornadoes. We actually had to duck and cover one day when I was a child at a […]

Tiny bubbles

By Nancy Black The entrance to my house during the holidays was more of a revolving door than a front door. Throughout the month of December, I hosted little bubbles of people in my home. No large gatherings. Just a few select souls at randomly scheduled times.  Personally, I was stricken with bronchitis before Christmas. […]

Gratefully giving

By Nancy Black My friend answered the phone crying. I was calling to cancel our meeting. It was Saturday morning.  She was emotionally distraught because she was watching news coverage of tornadoes, which had just devastated five states overnight. I was canceling because I was sick with a cold and had been asleep since about […]

What is the solution?

By Nancy Black One of our neighbors died this week in a horrible way. She was hit by a speeding car and killed while walking her dog on a sunny afternoon along Ferguson Road. Her dog was killed, too! Street racing in Dallas, and everywhere for that matter, must stop. But how do we do […]

Shipping woes? Why?

By Nancy Black I’m one of the original Shop Local Saturday consumers. I used to shop every Saturday when I was a child. Why? Because my mother was Bronson the Artist, and she had her portrait studio in Olla Podrida. Olla, what? Olla Podrida. It was THE place to shop in Dallas during the 70s […]

Boo Bee

By Nancy Black It’s a silly children’s joke. “How do you scare a bee?” The unknowing subject of said joke responds, “I don’t know. How?” “Boo bee!” the jokester responds, as he or she pokes the other person’s chest. Funny, right? What’s not funny is when you have to take your boo bees to get […]