Give a hoot!

By Nancy Black It was so 1970s. A man was stopped at the traffic light at Northwest Hwy and Buckner Blvd. I was two cars behind him. We were in the left-hand turn lane waiting to head south toward White Rock Lake. I watched as he stretched his arm out of his car’s window with […]

Love isn’t all you need

By Nancy Black The Beatles were wrong. I adore the iconic musical group but when they sang, “Love is all you need,” they did not quite get it right. Yes, in my humble opinion, love is the most important feeling all living beings can experience. But it is not all we need.  Sometimes we need […]

Tourist in my hometown

By Nancy Black I had never been. My son had never been. So, when his friend from the Navy who was visiting us during the holidays mentioned going to The Sixth Floor Museum, we were game for the adventure. And an adventure it was. I attended Arts Magnet High School in the 80s, which is […]

Worth more than a thousand words

By Nancy Black I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I had no idea how hard it turned out to be.  In hopes of creating beautiful Christmas scrapbooks as presents for my children, I dove into the task of sorting three huge boxes of old photographs, which had been stored away in my garage for […]

Shop Local Saturday

By Nancy Black Which do you enjoy more? Going to Walmart on a Saturday morning or heading out to the local farmer’s market? If you are like me, you picked the latter. There is nothing that will fill you with a sense of community more than strolling along through the booths of homemade candles, baked […]

Sticky situation

By Nancy Black Is it just my trees, or does everyone have sticky leaves covering their yards right now? My dogs look and feel like they rolled in honey and oats each time they come back inside through their doggy door. And it’s not just one tree’s leaves. All the leaves that have fallen in […]

Vacuum sealed

By Nancy Black It all started with a twisted ovary, which led to a massive stomach infection that resulted in four abdominal surgeries and my small intestines herniating out of my surgical incisions! I have a portable wound care vacuum pump connected to my stomach now.  I consider myself a modern medicine miracle, considering my […]

The Twisted Ovary

By Nancy Black It sounds like a heavy metal rock band, right? The Twisted Ovary? But it’s not. It’s what I had this past week. I might as well write about it, since everyone who was in the hospital’s emergency room with me that day knows what was wrong with me, too. They didn’t find […]

Afraid of power

By Nancy Black Every time I hear that ERCOT (The Electricity Reliability Council of Texas) is asking citizens to conserve electricity, I immediately want to run to my refrigerator and stand in front of it with the doors wide open. No. Not so I can get cool. So I can force the power grid to […]

Independence Day?

By Nancy Black It’s hard to get excited for Fourth of July when you feel like your independence is at stake. To think that my children’s generation will have fewer rights than mine, well that’s just mindboggling. My journalism mentor was Vivian Castleberry. She was the first female editor at The Dallas Times Herald beginning […]