Mask on. Mask off.

By Nancy Black One year later. To the day. It was last year at this time we suspended publication of White Rock Lake Weekly because of the national Stay at Home orders. Remember the phrase, “Fifteen Days to Stop the Spread”?  We hunkered down with the rest of the world as the coronavirus swirled up […]

Grid guilt

By Nancy Black Frozen ink. That is why we didn’t print an edition of White Rock Lake Weekly last week. The ink at our printer was frozen, literally. ERCOT didn’t just stop the presses; they froze them. While our printer and so many other hundreds of thousands of people went without electricity last week, I […]

No disguising hunger

By Nancy Black I was blown away when I saw the commercial. Why in the world would an advertising company need to create a child suffering from hunger using Artificial Intelligence? Aren’t there enough food deprived children in America whose image you could have used? Doesn’t it cost a lot of money to create anything […]

Shock and amazement

By Nancy Black My doctor died. He died of COVID-19. And I’m in shock. Doctors and health care workers are not supposed to die while helping others to live. I am also amazed by the people in this city, state and nation who still think the coronavirus is a “hoax.” It’s been almost a year […]

Our common ground needs our help

By Nancy Black One hundred ten. That’s how many volunteers from one local group showed up to help clean White Rock Lake this past weekend. That’s a lot of people — all masked and gloved up — united for a common cause. I wish that could be our community’s collective theme moving forward in 2021 […]

Will you be ready?

By Nancy Black Fifteen. That’s how many people I know who died last year. Remarkably, only one was from COVID-19, the coronavirus, which disrupted all of our lives in the year 2020 and has killed more than 300,000 of our fellow Americans so far.  A few of my friends were old, and some might say […]

2020 needs its own dictionary

By Nancy Black Twenty-twenty. Two little words that have changed all of our lives forever. There have been so many words or phrases in 2020, which we had never heard before, or whose use has taken on a new significance, that now eerily represent the year we’ve just experienced with just their mention.  These are […]

Shop the Rock!

By Nancy Black Community Counts! Keep it Local! That’s our motto here at White Rock Lake Weekly. We’re all about living, eating and shopping in our fabulous East Dallas communities. Ignore all those slick Black Friday advertising deals from the big box stores. Stay home that day, kick back and watch an old holiday movie. […]

Please wear a mask!

By Nancy Black Covidiot. There, I wrote it. For all those people out there who are still refusing to wear a mask in public, you’re a Covidiot. For all those who still believe an entire global pandemic is just a political hoax, you’re a Covidiot. For all those who think they can’t have the coronavirus […]

Christmas, here I come!

By Nancy Black Families are encouraged not to gather together this Thanksgiving because of the threat of spreading COVID-19. My family is on board, as we all hope to live to see the year 2020 end. Therefore, I’m not going to wait. I used to wait until the day after Thanksgiving — Black Friday, my […]

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