Trial PTSD

By Nancy Black I’ve been triggered. I didn’t know I suffered from it, but I do now. My heart has been racing almost as fast as my mind. I feel tense. And I feel afraid. My fight or flight instincts are kicking in. I’m trying to process all of the forces of good and evil […]

Changing history?

By Nancy Black “I’m so sick of everyone trying to change history,” one reader wrote in response to a post on Facebook. It announced the City of Dallas’ decision to change the name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day. “Changing history?” I wrote back. It’s more like correcting it, in my book. Personally, I’m […]

Decisions. Decisions.

Decisions. Decisions.

By Nancy Black One team made a good decision. One team made a bad one. Hundreds of lives were saved by that first decision. Hundreds (perhaps thousands) of lives were endangered by the second. One decision was based on safety. One was based on revenues. On Sunday evening, when the National Weather Service issued a […]

Partially impartial

By Nancy Black You hate getting it but, then again, you kind of hope you get picked when you do. I’ve been chosen to make that drive downtown many a time. Always a prospective juror, never a member of the actual jury. It’s a good thing. I am way too opinionated. And I absolutely love […]

Let’s stop being Ding Dongs

By Nancy Black A chicken loaf sandwich on white Mrs. Baird’s bread with Miracle Whip. That is what I ate as a child. That or McDonald’s hamburgers, cooked well-done with ketchup only, French fries and a Dr Pepper. (These were the days WAY before Happy Meals!)  Ooo! And I loved (still do) those little pot […]

Suicide Prevention Squad

Suicide Prevention Squad

By Nancy Black My best friend killed herself when she was 44. She hung herself in her bedroom closet while her 10-year-old son was in the living room. Her own mother had killed herself 27 years earlier. She went out, bought a gun and shot herself in the family’s garage. She left her will on […]

Teach your children well

By Nancy Black Sometimes, it is fun to be an adult. “Sometimes” is the key word in that sentence. But when you get to teach a child an important life lesson, it feels really powerful and good to be old. I was driving home recently down a street lined with apartments when two young boys, […]

Chill out!

By Nancy Black No. This editorial is not about the weather. It is mighty darn hot here in Texas currently, but just give it a minute. Or a few days. OK, maybe a few weeks. The weather will change. Plus, I lived through the year 1980 in Dallas, when we had that record heat wave […]

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