Please wear a mask!

By Nancy Black Covidiot. There, I wrote it. For all those people out there who are still refusing to wear a mask in public, you’re a Covidiot. For all those who still believe an entire global pandemic is just a political hoax, you’re a Covidiot. For all those who think they can’t have the coronavirus […]

Christmas, here I come!

By Nancy Black Families are encouraged not to gather together this Thanksgiving because of the threat of spreading COVID-19. My family is on board, as we all hope to live to see the year 2020 end. Therefore, I’m not going to wait. I used to wait until the day after Thanksgiving — Black Friday, my […]

Vote! Vote! Vote!

By Nancy Black When I was in elementary school, I had the coolest sweatshirt ever. It had the word VOTE across the chest and a big hand making a peace sign below. The red, white and blue colors of the peace sign, similar to our nation’s flag, really made it special to me. I couldn’t […]

Halloween not as scary as 2020

By Nancy Black “Pretzels?!?” my children exclaimed with disgust. “What kind of kid wants pretzels for Halloween?!?” They were furious with me for buying a big box of individually wrapped, Halloween decorated, pretzel bags. I thought the cute, little pumpkin pretzels were a healthy alternative to the pounds and pounds of rich chocolate and pure […]

Purple, like a black eye

By Nancy Black “Purple,” my teenager announced as they went into my closet. “I need something purple to wear tomorrow to school.” I asked why and was told it was to honor one of their teachers who had been killed in a domestic violence attack. “We’re all wearing purple tomorrow to bring awareness to domestic […]

Do it today; see tomorrow

Do it today; see tomorrow

By Nancy Black Mine was on Friday. Hers was on Wednesday. Mine was normal. Hers was not. We’d both gone in for our yearly mammograms. My friend is now facing surgery, a mastectomy, and months of chemotherapy and radiation. She has breast cancer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I would like to remind […]

Don’t suffer in silence

Don’t suffer in silence

By Nancy Black It came over me like a wave from one of those hurricanes finally hitting the shore. I was so sad. One minute, I had been sitting at my computer feeling fine, busily laying out this week’s newspaper, and the next I was overcome with sadness. Maybe it was the death of Ruth […]

Thank you, Mr. Kotter!

By Nancy Black I can’t get the theme song out of my head. I haven’t seen the show in years, but I can sing you the theme song right now: Welcome back! Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back! It’s from an old ’70s TV show called, “Welcome Back, Kotter,” and was written by composer John […]

Blinded by the light

By Nancy Black At first, I thought it was my contacts reflecting the lights badly. They are the gas permeable kind, so I have to take them out daily. Then, I thought everyone driving at night was just being a jerk and driving with their bright headlights on. It made me feel very old. Finally, […]



By Nancy Black Has it really taken this long? I remember my mother fighting for equal rights 48 years ago. Her male counterparts at an advertising agency, who did not work as hard as she did, were getting paid more money. Why? Because they were men. And she was a woman. A divorced woman, no […]

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